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Why choose our Chair Yoga Teacher Training course? Here’s what a recent 2020 Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga graduate says:

“I would most definitely recommend the LVCY course! I had the opportunity to study with Liz during lockdown and loved how thorough and personal the training felt, even though we could not meet in person. The course has given me lots of ideas and insights in to how to not only teach chair yoga, but how to make my existing classes more accessible overall.

“Liz is an excellent teacher and offers much insight and experience into teaching chair yoga. She is vibrant and fun and her enthusiasm and love of LVCY are infectious: I could not wait to get out there and share with my students what I had learnt! And for the record, they LOVE IT!

“The additional course materials are really useful and it is wonderful to see Lakshmi in action.

It is the most beautiful and useful CPD I have taken to date. Thank you Liz and Lakshmi! “

Interested in becoming a Chair Yoga teacher? Then join our upcoming training by heading over to Stephanie Shanti.

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