This DVD Video contains two Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga™ classes, each based on yoga postures and breathing techniques as well as other Eastern and Western health practices. These classes are performed entirely on a chair, so regardless of your age or your fitness level, you derive all the health benefits.

Lakshmi employs two techniques in her DVD Video that make it easy to follow and accessible to a broad audience.

First, she presents each class in two formats. One format is the Step-By-Step Instruction, which guides you in detail so you can master the how and the why of each class. The other format is the Regular Routine, which guides you using fewer words so you can perform each class easily and effortlessly.

Second, Lakshmi takes into account the fact that everyone has a different level of flexibility (range of motion). You may even have varying flexibility between your upper and lower body and your right and left sides. She demonstrates how to vary movements so you can adapt them to your level of flexibility that day.

In the UK, this DVD video can be viewed on Microsoft Windows computers

and most TVs with a DVD disk drive.

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